About RpSb

     Being part of the industry that abuses “economy of scale” and later seeing the effects of this, I knew it is time for a change. This call for change was then impacted by the rise of Covid-19, during which people’s way of life changed. Specifically, individuals became more resourceful and eco-friendly by taking less trips to conserve engird and consuming products on a needs-basis to eliminate waste. We have seen this change unravel in people’s increased reliance on online shopping.

     From the effects of “economy of scale” and Covid-19, Repurpose Skateboards was formed. At Repurpose Skateboards, merchandise is made to order so nothing is left to landfills. There is no need to drive around, wasting gas and energy looking for the nearest location. Repurpose Skateboards only operates online and is always open for convenience!

     At Repurpose Skateboards, we want to give more fashion choices to skaters and pool players to fuel their passion and promote economic sustainability by reminding everyone eliminate waste and go with it.