About RpSb

   In an industry once obsessed with 'economy of scale,' I recognized the need for a shift.  COVID-19 catalyzed this change, reshaping lives and driving people to become more resourceful and eco-conscious.  They began conserving resources, adopting a need-based approach to consumption, and, notably, turned to online shopping.

Out of this collision between 'economy of scale' and the pandemic, Repurpose Skateboards was born.  We've reimagined merchandising with a 'made-to-order' approach, leaving no room for waste.  No more gas-guzzling quests for the nearest store - Repurpose Skateboards is exclusively online and open 24/7 for your convenience.

At Repurpose Skateboards, we're all about empowering skaters and pool players with a diverse range of fashion choices.  We're  not just filling yours passion; we're driving economic change and encouraging everyone to eliminate waste and "Go w/ it!"